loft 2Alva Surveyors can assess your loft area, assist with free grants for home loft insulation applications, renewable energy grants and arrange for qualified installers to insulate your loft space.

Result? You save on your energy bills, as much as £150 per year in some cases! This could reduce your carbon footprint by 800kg per year. Add in cavity wall insulation, and you could reduce your energy costs year on year. Call Alva Surveyors on 01253 446 935 today!

There are many types of home loft insulation materials available: polystyrene insulation, blown insulation, foil insulation, foam insulation, reflective insulation, insulation batts or boards, mineral wool insulation, rigid insulation, for roof or floor insulation. We will be happy to advise you on any of these insulation solutions and grants which may be available

The attic will need a full survey ¬†just before installing any loft insulation. This can determine the viability from the property for insulation measures. This attic survey by Alva Surveyors often takes around twenty to thirty minutes and you’re not obliged to proceed later on.

ALL property owner Or Occupiers and tenants are actually qualified for grant funding of fifty Percent – 100% towards attic insulation. Grants or loans for attic insulation, close to 50% and above, are for sale to all home proprietors and tenants – whatever your earnings – as well as 100% should you fulfill the qualifications criteria. Insulation Grants or loans.

You might be entitled to some grant to assist you to insulate your attic or, alternatively if you’re not titled to some grant, you can acquire a substantial discount toward the expense of insulating your attic.

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