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Solid walls lose even more heat than cavity walls. The only way to reduce this heat loss is to insulate them on the inside or the outside.

There are two types of solid wall insulation: external and internal. External wall insulation works by adding a decorative weather-proof insulating treatment to the outside of your wall. The thickness of the insulation needs to be between 50 and 100mm and is usually installed where there are severe heating problems or the exterior of the building requires some form of other repair work providing the opportunity of adding insulation.

Alva Surveyors Surveyors can assist you with grants for solid wall insulation at your home. We conduct free surveys into home insulation and advise on government grants for insulating material and renewables

External wall insulation is more expensive than cavity wall insulation but it could save you around £400 a year on your energy bills. A three bedroom semi-detached house could save around 2.1 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) a year. If you are renovating or repairing exterior walls this is a good time to consider installing solid wall insulation.

Alva Surveyors can advise on solar heating grants for business, home and commercial users

Solar Heating

Alva Surveyors can advise on how to generate your own electricity using solar photovoltaics (PV) and re-sell the surplus energy to the grid

Solar Electricity

Alva Surveyors can advise on wind energy for domestic, commercial, business and state use

Wind Energy

Alva Surveyors can advise on biomass energy from renewable sources such as wood chip and anaerobic digestion

Biomass Energy

Alva Surveyors can advise on renewable energy sources and technology for agriculture such as biomass and anaerobic digestion technologies

Agricultural Energy

Alva Surveyors can advise horticultural businesses how to utilise new technology to produce energy and reduce costs


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