Start Using the Sun’s Energy For HeatingĀ 

Solar Water Heating systems, use the sun’s energy to warm domestic water. This keeps water hot, along with a conventional boiler or immersion heaters and can offer warm water when solar power is not available.SLIDE-OBJECT2

Photovoltaic water heating systems use solar power panels suited to your home’s roof. These collect warmth in the sun and employ it to tepid to warm water that is saved inside a warm water cylinder. You will find two kinds of photovoltaic water heating sections, they’re evacuated tubes and flat plate enthusiasts. Flat plates enthusiasts could be fixed on the top tiles or built-into the rooftop. A boiler or immersion heater can be used a back-as much as warmth water further to achieve the temperature set through the cylinders thermostat once the photo voltaic water home heating doesn’t achieve that temperature. (The cylinder thermostat ought to be set at 60 levels centigrade.)

Bigger solar power panels can provide energy to warmth your house too – though usually only within the summer time several weeks when warming is unnecessary.

Before installing any renewable energy technology make sure you are using energy as efficiently as possible by taking measures to minimise your energy needs. You’ll then need to use less renewable energy, saving you even more.

or all of your renewable questions, please phone Alva Surveyors and speak to one of our advisors today. We can explain to you how your home may qualify for a 100% insulation grant.

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