Insulation Grants or loans For Homeowners and Leased Property

We are able to also counsel you on grants or loans readily available for Alternative Energy. If you’re attempting to switch your power source to renewables for example wind generators, hydroelectric, wood driven, solar power etc, please e mail us

Filling the space between the walls of the house using an insulation material massively decreases the quantity of warmth which escapes with the walls. It can help produce a more even temperature in your house, assist in preventing condensation around the walls and roofs and may also reduce the quantity of warmth accumulating in your home throughout summer time hot spells. You might be titled to some grant to assist insulate your house or else if you’re not titled to some grant you can acquire a substantial discount.

Both attic and cavity will need an insulation survey just before installing any Cavity Wall Insulation or Attic Insulation. This can determine the viability from the property for insulation measures. This free insulation survey by Alva Surveyors often takes around twenty to thirty minutes and you’re not obliged to proceed later on. Cavity wall insulation is quick, neat and relatively affordable to set up. It’s injected in to the cavity in the outdoors taking between two and three hours inside a three bedroom semi-detached house.


Alva Surveyors Loft Insulation Surveysolo pan

  • The insulations required depth
  • Required area of insulation .
  • Length of pipe work to be lagged.
  • No. of Cold water tanks that need insulating.
  • Hatch position relative to tanks and pipes.
  • Check for adequate ventilation.
  • No damp is present.

Alva Surveyors Cavity Wall Insulation Survey

  • Cavity width.
  • Required area of insulation .
  • Type of structure.
  • Services through the cavity.
  • The cavity is free of debris.
  • Look for defective damp course.
  • The cavity tops are sealed.
  • Structural Condition.
  • Ventilation is adequate.
  • No damp is present.
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