Over the recent weeks there have been debates in England whether to cut off the funds of installing solar panels on schools. The feature of solar panel is filled with uncertainties, if it is passed then we can say good bye to the charitable organization that have install over 1000 solar panels in schools of England and Wales, if the bill pass through then the project will end next summer.

In a meeting attended by the campaigners on Wednesday it was determined that the solar panel school project which run by the environmental charity 10:10 would be unreliable if the government stop funding the project and it would be a burden to others who would like to install solar panels on their roofs. Last year the education secretary, Michael Gove took to the roof top promoting solar panel installing. In his own words he said that solar panel is as sensible choice for schools and it would benefits them financially and also engage students in all environmental issues. The Education department then second the project and promised to support it all way through.

Army Cameron, the campaign organizer at 10:10, said that the planned 87% cut off is ridiculous. The message passed by the government doesn’t make any sense. One of the important factors that was to be consider was public engagement and schools were best place where you could witness this. Schools declared that its doors were opened to both students and adult to educate them on issues around climate change and energy, she said to the Guardian.

Schools which had already registered for the project are faced with a race to fundraise and also to install the solar panels before the year elapse and they can take advantage of the current rates of expire. The project has already supported 81 schools, and with the issues in hand it is turning away all the interested schools. And the plans to roll out the solar panels to mosques is likely not to take place.

A solar schools at St Bart’s, Brighton.
A solar schools at St Bart’s, Brighton. Photograph: 10:10

Studies indicates that an average school can earn up to a maximum of £8000 per year by switching to solar. Environment friendly individuals claims that installing panels in each school in the country would save us from carbon emission which is equivalent to taking 110000 car out off the road.

Children from Fox primary in West London, the brains behind this set-up on Monday delivered a petition to the Department of Energy and Climate Change Appling to them to reconsider the move that they are about to make. The school solar panel provides almost all the electricity demand.

Paul Cotter, the executive headteacher said that it is not the right decision to make. Blocking interested schools from benefit from this be- fitting project is not the right call. He farther said that we have huge roofs, lots and lots of daytime energy use. And the children whose future depends on the rapid switch to clean the energy. And that what will happens if the government withdraw its support.

Industry and campaigner have warned that if the planned cut off goes through thousands of jobs will be lost.The spokesperson of Decc said that they duty is to ensure that the bill is placed as low as possible to all the business and families, while reducing emissions in a cost effective way. The government have supported the project and have driven the cost of technology down and more than expected. The action we are about to take will ensure that the existing investments whilst providing the value for money for all the bill payers.

Solar schools project

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