The launch of Britain’s first online non-renewable energy has come as a key contribution to the ever demanding sector. The platform named Selectricity which was founded by Good Energy is said to help connect companies to some of the best local renewable generators. This thus gives companies more control over their usage of visibility while staying competitive on all fronts.

David Brooks, who is the company’s managing director, expressed excitement during the launch by claiming that Selectricity is what many consumers have been in need of. He said, “This peer to peer platform give a consumer the ability to venture into what renewables can offer in the more decentralized local energy sector in UK.”

Selectricity will now enable numerous companies across Britain to create a perfect energy combination suitable to their business while conserving the environment with use of renewable energy.

Innovative potential

Having been developed from a start-up Open Utility, Selectricity will allow a company to access nearby energy generators such as solar and wind. The development of this platform was partly funded by the government and was on a successful trial period over the year. Some customers such as Community Power Cornwall and National Trust have enjoyed its efficiency. It is through great innovation that the company together with the government are trying to create better conditions for industrial development.

Online sustainability

It is not new that such an online marketplace has been created as there are so many other in different fields. For example manufacturing companies such as Argent and The Crown Estate are working together to come up with a digital hub that will help the recycling industry. As if that is not enough, the International Renewable Energy Agency has come up with a Sustainable Energy Marketplace that aims at locating potential energy projects and linking them to sponsorships.

With recent revelations that many millennials would like an online marketplace especially one that avails renewable energy, it remains to be seen how this new platform is adopted.

First Britain’s online renewable energy
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