As you look around, the temperatures are changing while the leaves are turning pale. This means if you are watching Game of Thrones, then the case is the same here and it means that winter is coming to the whole land. A situation like this will only cause your energy bills to rise even more. As a challenge the situation, I want to play with you a game of true or false relating to a famous series of the energy myths that has been there for so long.

If you get it correct, then applause yourself with a warm pat on your back depending on how well you perform it and if you fail, then, slap yourself right in the face.


The cheapest way to pay your bills is through the debiting directly. This is pretty much true, and it has to be on a monthly basis. If you pay this way, you have an advantage as the suppliers offer some discounts usually about 7%. Avoid paying in less as the meter estimates your usage. If it overestimates your usage, it could ask you for more leaving you with credit leaving you with an underpayment and debt which is worse. This means you need to read your meter readings on a regular basis to get the accurate bills and ensure that you challenge the suppliers if you have some doubts because it’s your right.


It is convenient to leave the heating devices on for the whole day rather than switching on when it is necessary. This is false. It is always better to use energy when needed for continuous heating is not efficient. You may use timers because the current thermostats are designed to switch on and off depending on your settings. It is a professional advice from the experts, the British Gas and the Energy Saving Trust and it’s logical to embrace the advice.

Some heating engineers claim that maintaining your radiators in full with the boilers kept down will reduce the condensation effect indicating that on and off actions only make the situation worse. We know that condensation facilitates conducting heat outside the home fast and as a result, you end up using more energy than you think. It is better to think about it if especially your home is prone to condensation


As a tenant or renter, you are not allowed to switch energy provider without the landlord’s permission. This is wrong. No one can control your personal decisions. You have the right to select your energy supplier in your home even if you only pay the rent.


You must get your money back if you switch energy provider even if you are on credit. This is true. If you have been paying via direct debit since the year 2014 and when you opt to leave the supplier, you had a credit, then you should get your money back. You will need to make some follow up and tracking if the supplier doesn’t call you. For those who switched before the year 2014 and you are certain that you had some credit, then you should call the supplier and confirm as they used to operate a don’t ask don’t get policy but you can still ask for clearing your doubts.

Mythical Questions About The Energy Bills

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