Hiring the best software developers and engineers is getting more difficult these days because the demand is always high. Geektastic technical hiring solution has a coding assessment program that quantifies the most relevant capabilities. So, scouts have the assurance that the candidates they bring to the hiring team are the most qualified for the role.

Now let’s dive into the good stuff in coding assessment.

What is Coding Assessment

A coding assessment is a coding test that mimics a computer engineer’s real work in a company. And it asks the job candidate to complete a load of coding exercises in a developer environment that assesses their skills as a programmer. Now, this simply means software engineers can apply more time coding.

Ways on How To Ace Coding Assessments

Unfortunately, putting all hopes on a polished portfolio is not going to give you success in a coding assessment. And lack of preparation is why some engineers fail in coding assessment. Acing a coding assessment is dependent on planning and lots of practice. Follow these simple steps to improve your chances.

Master the Basics

You should know and practice the fundamentals of programming Operands, Looping structures, Variable Declaration, Control structures, and Program Structure. Obviously, you already know how to code, fine, but it is still important to review and have a knowledge of the fundamentals.

Research the Company

Some tech companies use the same coding questions continuously. As a result, you should practice regular queries and solve them in multiple ways to know which is most capable and best. But if the firm does the opposite and gives different coding test issues, just prepare for unexpected problems and practice solving coding challenges.

Practice Coding

We know that this might be obvious practising your coding. Work on solving challenging coding problems; as we said earlier, create different ways and refine your coding to give the most efficient code you can. You can Use Geektastic coding websites to help you practice. Coding assessments are usually provided with written instructions, so read them carefully and take your time before starting. Be relaxed and remain time conscious, at the same time check your work thoroughly not to miss any important details.

  • Know that you will need to explain your code.
  • Remain prepared to give an explanation of your solution orally and on a whiteboard.
  • Start practising immediately.

When you apply for the job, start practising immediately. Some companies will give you a week or more notice, so if you start practising right away, you’ll have an advantage.

Regular practice will serve as a jog-up which will keep you ready to code any time and will save you from cramming at the last minute, which people often end up doing.

Be Open To Learn New Things

Now be open to constructive criticism. Your coding will never be perfect due to time and the pressure you will feel while tackling a coding test.

Interviewers will observe how you solve particular coding problems and will give your answers to them. Always take a step back, practice patience, stay polite, and take any feedback, so that you can do better next time.


If you noticed, we always like telling you to relax. That is because it’s very important. Take the coding test seriously but do not let it stress you out.

The Best Coding Platforms For Interviews

Geektastic (https://geektastic.com/coding-tests-for-interviews) also has several take-home code assessments on their coding platform for interviews used in the early phased of the hiring process. The candidates that get the best feedback that is those with the highest percentage take-up rate, are most likely the best candidates.

The Beginner’s Guide to Coding Assessment
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